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Janey, 54 Bassetlaw – marrid but looking for fun in Nottinghamshire

Hi married woman in stale marriage looking for a lover just one guy. I am very attractive, dark hair and eyes. Want butterflies in my stomach again and a secret lover to bring back the spice of life. Also a friend as well.

I’m a very plain girl, in every sense of the word. I like my ice cream to be vanilla. I like my coffee to be unsweetened. It’s how I go about everything in life, I guess. Well, everything except sex. I need to spice things up somehow. I won’t go into details, but I go wild in the bedroom. I have an entire chest filled with sex toys. I even have a swing over my bed and restraints underneath it. Don’t worry, I won’t tie you down and leave you there, LOL. I like to make it as kinky as I possibly can for both myself and the guy that I’m with.

I’m looking for someone who likes to explore and enjoy themselves during sex. It’s really important to me. The week can be as boring as it wants to be. The weekend needs to be wall to wall action and excitement. I don’t care how much experience you’ve had. I certainly don’t care about how good you are at pleasing women. You just need to be willing to get weird. I can get pretty deep into any fetish that I’m playing around with at the time. If that doesn’t scare you, send me a message!

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